Croatia is the next country, which is supposed to enter the European Union as membership country in summer 2013. One might ask what the difference to the other Adriatic SeaBalkan countries is: On the surface, the country seems to be well taken care of, influenced by Slovenia and Austria.

Croatia has re-established the tourism as one of the most stable factors of their economy. But also trade and agriculture are strong pillars of the national economy. However, the world-wide economic crisis has not stopped at the Croatian borders. There is a high level of unemployment and also this former Yugoslavian Republic struggles with the aftermaths of the Balkan war. But a bigger obstacle seems to be the inconsistence of the national government. Corruption and strong nationalistic policy approaches do not necessarily support the approximation with the other Balkan Republics.

Zagreb centerHowever, besides Slovenia, Croatia is the most Western European oriented countries of all Balkan Republics. Many Croatians live in Germany and Austria sharing cultural and ethical values. Especially the younger generation strives for changing the situation to turn the country in a prospering homeland with positive perspectives for the future.


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