Cleopatra church ©WGEgypt is one of the most fascinating countries of the Arabic world with an ancient tradition and history. It has been one of the oldest civilizations and at some point in their
past, the country was highly developed and leading in many areas. The country is by far the largest in the Arabic world by inhabitants (more than ninety million people) and has always been taking on a leading role in the region. For many years Egypt had been
a strong ally for the US and thus for the whole Western world. They mediated between the East and the West and tried to foster peace in the region. The country’s former leader, Hosni Mubarak, tried to keep the balance and strived for peace in the region.

Unfortunately, this didn’t happen without sacrificing elementary aspects of democracy like a balanced political environment with an active opposition, media freedom and much more. Today, Egypt is amongst eight countries of the entire world having more than two third illiterate people. As in the majority of the countries we work in there is a strong tendency of nepotism and clan regime such as a high level of corruption is dominating politics.   

View over Cairo ©WGThe current political situation as a result of the so called ‘Arab Spring’ is burdened with conflicts and rising violence. The situation seems to be increasingly out of control and every day there are news about riots, gatherings and protests. Key positions in the government are now occupied by representatives of the new ruling party, the Muslim Brothers, who try to control the situation by introducing the Islamic Law – the Shari’a. Although the status quo is rather unclear as in many other countries of the ‘Arab spring’ one does not have to expect the worst. The end seems, especially in Egypt, rather open.

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