MP International Solutions Countries 

As MP International Solutions we focus in our work geographically on the territory of the Former Soviet Union, Balkan and some Arabic countries. These regions are very promising and with high potential for the future. Although work and life in these geographical areas is often very challenging it is at the same time enriching our lives. We as well as our partners are passionate about these countries, no matter in which economic or political state they currently are and how difficult work and life is in this part of the world.

Ultimately, our work is about people with different backgrounds, individuals of various levels of society, traditions, religions and much more. We learn from them but at the same time we learn about us when we are in contact with them.

Some of the countries we describe you might know very well, some maybe less. You might agree with us or you might disagree on our views and how we describe these countries. More in detail we will describe our working and living experiences in our blog.

You are always welcome to share your views with us and others on our blog or via the contact form. We appreciate and welcome the opinion of everybody and are looking forward to your contributions.

Last but not least we would like to thank all our friends and colleagues who were so kind and share with us their fotos and hope to receive even more in the future. All fotos are subscribed with copyrights of their authors.

© Waltraud Gehrig & Natalia Holl