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The legend says: After God created the world he suddenly realized that the Georgians were left aside. But instead of being sad they started singing and dancing and enjoyed life! God was so impressed that he gave the most wonderful part of the world to Georgia.

Today, not much seems to be left from paradise. The situation in Georgia is critical and directions are missing. After a very emotional ‘rose revolution’ in 2003, the Georgians believed that the situation will improve under the new president Mikhail Saakashvili. There were changes, but not all for the better and the Georgians are still struggling with the transition situation. Funnily enough Saakashvili had in mind to ‘copy’ his arch-enemy Putin, who he criticizes whenever possible: He planned to win the parliamentary elections and change the election law - meaning the Constitution of Georgia. This would have allowed him to run a third time for presidency.

But after massive protests and a strong election campaign the Georgian billionaire Bidzina Ivanishvili came to power last year. So far, he didn’t meet the expectations of the Georgians. But changes require time. One overall positive thing is that he is not limiting his sympathies to the US and Europe but also tries to find ways of a peaceful co-existence with their huge and influential neighbour Russia.

Georgia represents ‘Eurasia’ - the region links Europe with Asia. The Georgians are artists in all spheres of life and used to live very well during Soviet Times. They always differed from other Soviet Republics and strived to be individual. Art and culture has a very high standing in the country and amongst their population. Georgians consider themselves as Europeans but at the same time they are very traditional and tend not to obey official rules.

The country is beautiful, people are very open and hospitable - nevertheless it is very challenging to work there. Once you managed projects well in this country you can manage it almost everywhere!

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