Kazakhstan, Dzungaria, Ulken-Kokpak. © Boris GeldyevHistorically this Central Asian country is rather unique. Kazakhstan was home of many nomads. As many of the other countries MP International Solutions works in, it is part of the old Silk Road. In 1731, Kazakhstan has joined the Russian Empire voluntarily and they have strengthened this union and preserved the amicable relationship to Russia until today.   

Kazakhstan is a poly-confessional country with more than 3000 regional associations and 40 confessions representing almost all world religions, however, it is dominated by the Islam like the rest of the other Central Asian countries. All these pre-conditions make Kazakhstan a tolerant country where people of different nationalities and religions are living peacefully next to each other.

Kazakhstan, Bolshoe Almatinskoe lake (Big Almaty Lake). © Boris GeldyevBut like the other Asian countries, Kazakhstan requires a sensitive approach by understanding the given traditions and special characteristics of its population. The traditional Eastern way of doing business is partly peppered with a Western European approach. To understand the very smart mix of Asian, European and international business models in Kazakhstan, one needs years.

Kazakhstan, Singing Barchan. © Boris GeldyevKazakhstan is an extremely interesting region for all kinds of projects. It is a modern and dynamically developing country with a well-developed infrastructure with rich natural resources, a stable political and economic situation and with a highly educated available workforce.    


Kazakhstan, Kazakhstani Steppe.  © Sergey Kavun Kazakhstan, an old cemetery in Steppe.  © Sergey Kavun Kazakhstan, Kazakhstani Hills.  © Sergey Kavun Kazakhstan, old stone hills.  © Sergey Kavun Kazakhstan, sunset in Steppe.  © Sergey Kavun Kazakhstan, tracks.  © Sergey Kavun Kazakhstan, geo-physicists. © Sergey Kavun Kazakhstan, mountains. © Boris Geldyev Kazakhstan, National Park Altyn Emel. © Boris Geldyev Kazakhstan, Charyn. © Boris Geldyev Kazakhstan, horses. © Boris Geldyev Kazakhstan, Ili river. © Boris Geldyev Kazakhstan, Markakol lake. © Boris Geldyev Kazakhstan, Mramorny pass. © Boris Geldyev Kazakhstan, Sunset, Alakol lake. © Boris Geldyev Kazakhstan, Terskey Alatau. © Boris Geldyev Kazakhstan, Topar. © Boris Geldyev Kazakhstan, Ushkunur. © Boris Geldyev Kazakhstan, Singing Barchan. © Boris Geldyev
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