Although, right after the break-down of the Soviet Union, Moldova has managed the transition rather well, as most of the countries it now struggles due of the worldwide crisis. The country is well-known for its wine and cognac production. Like Georgia and Armenia in the former Soviet Union, Moldovan alcoholic production was highly appreciated in the Soviet Union. Nevertheless, Moldova is amongst the poorest of all the countries MP International Solutions has working experience with. It is neighbouring Ukraine and Romania to which it has rather friendly relationships. As Moldovan is similar to the Romanian language there is a lot of employment-tourism to one of the most recent EU accession countries.

Like many other post-Soviet countries, Moldova has its own internal conflict with a break-away region. This is the region of Transnistria, whose government tries to rule the territory independently since 1990. Until today, there is a lot of tension because of this land strip.

Working and living in Moldova is rather unspectacular. Despite some smaller unrest in the last 2-3 years, people usually do not protest against the government. Moldovans are calm, quiet and in case they have a job, they are very responsible, dedicated and hard-working employees. The tendency is noticeable that young people try to learn different foreign languages and study hard to qualify themselves for better paid and qualified jobs. Many of them learn French, German or English which is easy for them as the Moldovan language is a Roman language but they also still know Russian. Operational and fixed costs are still considerably lower than in other FSU countries, which might attract investors in the agricultural sector and service sector. 


© Waltraud Gehrig & Natalia Holl