Together with Bulgaria, Romania became a Member State of the European Union rather recently. So far, they have not completely complied with all requirements of the European Union policy wise. But Romania seems to have a positive future ahead. After years of difficulties after 1989, when the communist regime was chased off, the economy has stabilised

Some parts of the country are developing very well, but the majority of Romanians living in the rural part are quite poor, although agriculture is one of the growing sectors in the country. Another very strong sector is tourism. Romania has an ancient history, nature is varying and each taste can be served. Especially eco-tourism is also affordable for families.

The favourable geographical location of Romania supports its position as an interesting trade partner. Romania tries to keep a neutral position with everybody. It is supporting other Eastern European countries regarding their planned entry into the European Union and established strong ties also with Turkey. In general, the investment climate is very good. Many Romanians are fluent in different languages and often studied abroad. Wages are rather on a lower level so that many Western investors outsource service- and call centres or production.

Although not having a positive image in some parts of the European Union membership countries, Romania has undertaken a tremendous effort to find its place among the prospering countries of the EU and bears a lot of potential, especially for membership countries in different economic sectors. 


© Waltraud Gehrig & Natalia Holl