Russian Federation

Red Square MoscowRussia is a country with a long history, interesting cultural traditions and a wonderful nature. It is a rather European country with a strong influence of Eastern culture and a pinch of Asia. If you add more than 200 nationalities with their own, sometimes pagan, customs, orthodox traditions and atheistic education during Soviet times, it is no wonder that Russia appears to be a riddle for people from other countries.

Russia, Nizhny Novgorod. © Yekaterina LenevaInternational companies are usually only successful in Russia when they understand the differences of the country as a whole and the regions in particular. Taking into consideration the size of the country and the multinational population this appears not to be easy. You will face a lot of challenges in Russia, if you don’t know the local specifics of ‘doing business’ and how projects are managed, decisions taken and what stands behind standard wordings and actions. Additionally, the socialist past and todays’ understanding of capitalism shows different facets and influences peoples’ behaviour a lot.  

NevaAt the same time, Russia is attractive for investors and various international projects. It has rich natural resources, potential for developing a democratic society, a quite well developed infrastructure and competitive personnel with a very good educational background even on lower social levels.


Russia, Moscow. © Yekaterina Leneva Russia, Moscow. © Yekaterina Leneva Russia, Moscow, Moscow River. © Yekaterina Leneva Russia, Moscow. © Yekaterina Leneva Russia, Uglich. © Yekaterina Leneva Russia, Nizhniy Novgorod. © Natalia Holl Russia, Uljanovsk, Volga. © Natalia Holl Susdal ©WG Street in St Petersburg ©WG
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