MP Niche Market Research

"Niche market research equals research challenges"

Today, our world is ruled by mass production and globalization. Belonging to a group of people who identify themselves through a common denominator is important. But besides the tendency for uniformity there is a tendency towards uniqueness. To identify these niches non-standardized researches are required.

Concept 4Highly professional, well-educated and experienced experts are needed to conduct niche-research. Especially, when it comes to different cultural environments one needs the right experts to identify the non-obvious. MP International Solutions is specialized on conducting niche market research with a special asset: the experience in Eastern Europe and the South-Eastern-European region.

Under the lead of Natalia, who looks back on more than 15 years of conducting research in the most diversified areas, we manage and conduct niche market researches.

©Natalia Holl

Whenever needed we combine standard research methods, adapt them or create new approaches according to the special needs of the client. 

Emergency Qual Service (EQS)

Additional to the below mentioned services, Natalia proposes ad-hoc services for the client in case a research urgently needs to be conducted and due to different reasons it can not be done in-house. More about this service you can find here.

The following services can be ordered separately and depending on the clients needs we design the project. 

1. Step: Initial research set up and project management 

  • Coordination of all research stages
  • Project supervision
  • Control and correction of any research stages
  • Identification of reliable and experienced experts and partners (if required)

2. Step: Research design & creation of tools

  • Elaborating research design (methodology, discussion/interview guides, screening questionnaire etc.)
  • Adaptation of research tools to the given situation under consideration of cultural peculiarities
  • Combining qualitative and quantitative research methods

3. Step: Analysis and recommendation

  • Analysing and reporting
  • Presentation of findings and preparation of recommendations

4. Step: Research Coaching

  • Qualitative methodology (including online research)
  • Combination of qualitative and quantitative methods
  • Moderation

If you want to have more information on these services, you can contact us at any time via the contact section or directly (see imprint section). 


© Waltraud Gehrig & Natalia Holl